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The first international event dedicated to young research talents with expertise in the world of extra virgin olive oil which will be held in Bari, from 20 to 22 January 2020, will open on 23 January 2020 to the public made up of the various players in the supply chain : olive growers, oil mills and oil industrialists.
On this occasion, at the University of Bari, the stakeholders of the sector will be able to participate in a seminar organized in collaboration with the Department of the Central Inspectorate for the protection of Quality and Fraud Repression of agri-food products – ICQRF Laboratory of Perugia, the Svi.Med. non-profit organization and the Food For Martians Association.
The day will be divided into three different moments: the morning will open with the welcome conference in which the world of research will offer olive growers and oil mills an overview of the most innovative research ideas that emerged from the comparison of the 24 young talented researchers selected for EVOO RESEARCH’S GOT TALENT, offering the prospects of transferability and the benefits that will derive from it.
The work will continue with the contributions of the representatives of the Department of the Central Inspectorate for the Protection of Quality and the Repression of Food and Food Fraud and the Customs and Monopolies Agency, and a space dedicated to the debate to satisfy the needs and requests for information of all operators present in the room who face the issue of controls on a daily basis.
To close the morning agenda, a round table that will host the issue of fraud and journalistic communication, to underline that the Italian agri-food sector has one of the most effective control systems in Europe.

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